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Assurance of Learning (AoL):

The systematic collection, review, and use of information about educational programs undertaken for the purpose of improving student learning and development.
– Polomba & Banta, 1999


Identify opportunities to improve student learning.
The end goal is continuous improvement in student learning and achievement.

Demonstrates accountability to external constituents.
Proving leads improving the learning community

AoL is not about –
  • Units of study – the focus is actually on entire programs
  • Evaluating academics or teaching methods, rather the focus is on learning
  • Duping accreditors or following educational trends.
    The system is creating genuine accountability

Benefits of AoL

  • Improve student and teaching experience
  • Complements our evidence-based approach to improving quality
  • Maintain prestigious accreditation - a public assurance of quality
  • Attract students (82% international students say it matters)
  • Lends weight to indirect measures of quality
    • Programs ‐ not just units and not just perceptions
    • Academics ‐ for rewards, data for redesign,
      pedagogical research, interdisciplinary dialogue
    • Discipline ‐ for leveraging grants, attracting
      students into major
    • Faculty ‐ for evidence-based improvements,
      attracting students
    • Employers ‐ for better graduates
    • Public ‐ for the press in relation to standards and
      ethical responses and government given forthcoming
      TEQSA agenda


What is review?

REVIEW is a web-based Assurance of Learning (AoL) solution, allowing Universities to automate marking of criteria-based assessment of students, formulated by program learning goals and graduate attributes.

Graduate attributes are the skills students should be developing, the qualities they need to acquire and the knowledge literacy and conceptual frameworks they need to construct.

REVIEW breaks down graduate attributes into five user definable categories. As illustrated in the diagram each category has a colour and symbols are also used to accomodate colour blind users.

REVIEW enables students to self-assess their own work against specific criteria and monitor their disciplinary skills.

Graduate Attributes


Key features

Automatically synchronises with servers

Email notifications

High level security

Server security

The security implementation on the sever will have (at minimum) firewalls in place, locked down ssh & Ftp access to only our internal network. This will minimise the risk of hackers attempting to brute force their way in to the server.


Application security

On an application level the follow considerations have been made in regards to security and protecting personal information:

  • Two-layer Access Controls to prevent unauthorised users from viewing or modifying content that they shouldn't
  • Hashed-and-salted user passwords using SHA-256 encryption
  • Isolated application server and database (to minimise risks of database compromise)
  • All application data served via HTTPS (with no option for HTTP access) � This means all information sent & received over the internet is encrypted
  • Code has been vigorously tested using 'fuzzing' tools. These tools are vital in detecting �cross-site scripting and SQL injection vulnerabilities (among others).

Self-hosted or custom hosting options


Universities can host REVIEW on their own servers so long as they meet the technical requirements.


Hosted solution

The hosted solution leverage acidgreen's skills and services in areas such as implementation, configuration, maintenance, monitoring, network access and routing while enabling Universities to focus on its core business.

Additional benefits of a hosted solution include:

  • Low capital expenses and overhead
  • acidgreen handles all management, monitoring and service problems remotely
  • Take advantage of redundancy, backup and disaster recovery features that are costly to maintain on premise
  • acidgreen handles all system updates and enhancements

User centric

Online help

Mobile device friendly

Rebranding REVIEW
Customisable application skinning to reflect your branding.

User benefits

Clean and simple.
User-friendly navigation and a well balanced, thoughtfully designed interface with tabbed navigation enhance the REVIEW experience.
Did you notice?
Badge notification displays pending assessments or when results are ready for review.
More than just a mark.
Tutors have the option of leaving criteria feedback, as well as overall feedback.
What does the blue diamond mean?
Easily accessible PLO definitions
The backbone of the application, sliders are the interface method employed to input marks.
Put a name to the face.
AJAX functionality used throughout REVIEW enhances the user experience.



  • Web-based marking with automatic
    calculation against criteria
  • Viewing of student's criteria-based
    self-assessment after marker's
    assessment to inform comments
  • Ability to see other marker's
    assessments and comments
  • Paperless submissions and feedback
  • No uncollected student feedback for
    important end of semester assessments
  • Developed in a non-flash environment,
    allowing for more flexibility when
    editing text
  • Reduction in delay of feedback
    returned to students
Learning groups
Quickly view the members of a learning group by hovering on the name.
Slider overload?
Marks can be manually entered if you find it easier than using the sliders.
Equal distribution
If you choose to adjust the overall mark, the adjustment will be equally distributed across all the criteria.

Linking criteria
made easy.
Explicit linking of each assessment to graduate attributes is as simple as clicking a mouse.
Never mind
Weight-Watchers, REVIEW allows users to easily balance criteria weight either manually or by automatic distribution.


  • Automatic creation of subjects & enrolments
  • Sudent enrolments updated automatically
    so that student lists are always accurate
  • Encourages revisiting of criteria often
    leading to improvements
  • Enables direct online monitoring of
    marking progress - useful in large classes
    with multiple tutors
  • Enables monitoring of marker
    consistency, quality of comments
  • Reduces/eliminates need to return
    physical copies of assessment sheets
  • Ability to see whether Students have
    completed the an assessment
  • Exported reports contain extensive data
    that could be used for more
    detailed analysis
  • Simple process for uploading percentage
    marks to third party vendors
    ie.Blackboard Grade Center
  • Customisable assessments


User feedback

Academics are saying...

"REVIEW improves marking efficiency and helps me monitor and benchmark my tutor's marking more easily."
UNSW Academic
"REVIEW is the most enjoyable marking experience I have had in 15 years."
UTS Academic

UTS academic staff identified up to 50% saving in marking time.

Seeing the difference between tutors and students self-assessment helps focus markers comments.
Currently used by
UTS Review

UNSW Review

QUT Review

University of Sydney Review

Students are saying...

"It encouraged me to critically analyse my work and made me aware of the specific graduate attributes to develop."
UNSW Student
Over 60% of students surveyed agreed that self-assessment against criteria was useful.


Pricing & Support

Hosted Licencing

How many users?
$1.82 per year
Note: The licence user count is based on unique student users enrolled in active subjects inside the licence period (year). Prices are exclusive of GST.

Licencing Benefits

  • Enterprise Managed Secure Hosting (Sydney data centre) with Remote Backups
  • Major releases, bug updates and new features
  • Access to our online support portal
  • Access to resources and documentation
  • Discounts on consultancy and training
  • VIP-access to academ user events
  • Platinum email list for priority notifications
  • Exclusive access to product beta programmes

Maintenance & Support Pack

Hours Hourly Rate (ex) Saving (ex) Cost(ex)
12 $210 $120 $2,520
30 $205 $450 $6,150
60 $200 $1,200 $12,000
120 $195 $3,000 $23,400
Note: : Standard hourly rate is $220 (ex gst). Time is tracked per minute (and not rounded up) and itemised reports are provided with notes on all time tracked.

Support Benefits

  • On-site (or videoconference) system training and consultation
  • Systems Integration
  • Feature Customisation
  • Phone support (Business hours)
  • Personal account manager
  • Remote support
  • Software enhancements and updates
  • Data migration and connector build





Student workflow



Student workflow



Coordinators workflow